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The perfect multivitamin is here for those who need additional minerals to stimulate the growth of their hair, skin and nails. Our hair, skin and nail supplement supplies your body with a full range of vitamins, including vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D and E, as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc. These combine to ensure that the body is receiving all the nutrients it needs to regulate and grow properly.

In addition, hair, skin and nails provide a vitamin B complex called biotin. Biotin has been shown in multiple studies to improve the firmness, hardness and thickness of the nails. It helps promote hair growth by playing a vital role in the production of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Biotin also helps control and regulate various bodily functions, such as the production of new cells and the proper functioning of the sebaceous glands. Having low levels of biotin, other b vitamins, or other nutrients in general, can damage both your internal health and your external appearance.

If you have a lack of biotin in your system, it can lead to dry or rough skin, dandruff, and a flaky and dry scalp. Try hair, skin and nails today, a complete multivitamin with biotin for your daily needs.


Ingredients :

Calcium   260 mg

Magnesium   50 mg

Zinc    7.5 mg

Vitamin A   5,000 ul

Vitamin B6 5 mg

Vitamin B12  8 mcg

Vitamin C  60 mg

Vitamin D3  1,000 ul 

Vitamin E  15 ul

Thiamin   5 mg

Niacin  25 mg

Biotin   5,000 mcg

Keratin   100 mg